Rikardo Druškić was born in 1990. in Zagreb and has spent all his adult life living in Sarajevo. His interest for art began during high school years with main focus on illustration and digital art. Rikardo uses combination of art techniques such as painting, street art, drawing and digital art. His works have been exhibited, both independently and in collective exhibitions in many art galleries and public spaces in the world such as: Sarajevo, Mostar, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai, Taiwan, Berlin, Brussels and Vienna. He was one of the finalists in the Art Revolution Competition Taipei in 2014 and the same year his works Madness Continuous and Depth were selected by visual art platform see.mee to be presented at the famous Times Square in New York. First solo exhibition Tales of Love took place at the Gallery Boris Smoje in 2014. in Sarajevo. Later that year the same exhibition was presented in Memorial Home of Svetozar Corovic in Mostar. One of his most significant professional exhibitions were: “Initiation”, Collegium Artisticum – Sarajevo, Gallery 25N – New York, “The Wall” – Historical Museum in Sarajevo, Post-election Trauma – Sarajevo, “Where is the Exit” – Gallery JAVA in Sarajevo, “Diggin”, Maineouevre – Berlin. Some of his projects include illustrations of the books as well. He was one the main participants of the first Festival of Street Art (FUU) in Sarajevo, during which his creative work was transmitted into public space. After that, he soon joined forces with the important street art initiative for Mostar Street Art Festival. In 2016 he was invited to paint a mural inside the Sarajevo Youth Theater expanding his field of interest into the world of public art. Next step was first video exhibition Children Joy in Sarajevo projected on 1000m2 screen. Exhibition “Suscitans Conscientia” was held in City Hall of Sarajevo which marks the beginning of his new artistic expression and plans for the two new exhibitions in Brussels and Vienna. In 2019 he painted a mural in Brussels and in 2020 started residential program at Almuñécar, Spain. In february, Rikardo paints a replica of an airplane from WW2, which is exhibited in Historical Museum of BiH in Sarajevo. Later on, for the birthday of his hometown Sarajevo, he organises exhibition “Was is Walter“, where the “replica“ was firstly shown to the public. During the start of the Covid Pandemic, Rikardo makes his first video exhibition, through  which he collects money for a charity organization ““. After that he starts  working on his new project “Awakening Solidarity“, in which he paints 5 murals in 5 different cities in Bosnia&Herzegovina. Rikardo lives and works in Sarajevo.


Solo Exhibitions 

2014 “Tales of Love”, Gallery Boris Smoje, Sarajevo 

2014 “Tales of Love”, Memorial Home Svetozar Corovic, Mostar 

2015 “Where is the Exit”, JAVA Gallery, Sarajevo 

2016 “Children Joy”, Video Exhibition, Sarajevo 

2017 “Digginside”, maineouevre, Berlin 

2017 “Homage to the Past”, Kutcha, Sarajevo 

2018 “Suscitans Conscientia”, City Hall, Sarajevo 

2019 Bozar Cultural Center, Brussels 

2019 Film studio Sabotage, Vienna 

2020 Awakening Conciousness, Historical Museum of BiH , Sarajevo


Group Exhibitions 

2013 Group Exhibition, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts (LACD) 

2013 “Initiation”, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo ( work selection by Jusuf Hadzifejzovic) 2014 Gallery 25N, New York 

2014 “The Wall”, Historical Museum, Sarajevo 

2014 “Post-election Trauma”, Bosnian Cultural Center, Sarajevo 

2014 Art Revolution Competition, Taipei 

2015 “Visuals for Museum”, National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina 

2016 “Add to Cart”,, Sarajevo 

2018 “Bosnian Contemporary 100%“, Brodac Gallery, Sarajevo.

2020 “Was is Walter?“, Historical Museum of BiH , Sarajevo.

2020 “Feed your Demons“, ONE project, London



2015 Homage to Srebrenica genocide, Historical Museum of BiH 

2016/2018 Festival of Street Art (FUU) 

2016/2018 Mostar Street art Festival 

2016 The Puppet Theater Mostar

2016 Sarajevo Youth Theater 

2017 Pop Up Sarajevo 

2019 Brussels, Balkan Traffik Festival 

2020 Awakening of Solidarity: Sarajevo,Gorazde, Trebinje, Zenica, Derventa



Book Illustrations 

“Anguish” by Zdravko Ostojic 

“Čekajući Mesara” by Mehmed Begić 

“Relationship between brothers and sisters through intra-family dynamics” by Elma Selmanagic Lizde