My art is my guide in my search for the meaning
of life and the truth that drives me along this path.
I look at life through art, and art through life. I
create intuitively, often without any preconceived
plan. Love, fear, spirituality, empathy are the basic drivers of
my creative process.  I express myself quickly, daily, and my
work is always the result of instrospection, which
takes place on both conscious and subconscious
levels. Wassily Kandinsky in his book “
Spirituality in Art“; says: “Every artist is a child of
his time, and his art is the mother of his emotions.“
In my case, only this second part is true. When
one communicates information and connects it to
logical structures, it does so within the confines of
an emotional-spiritual layer. Or to put it more
simply: we recognize the world first with emotions,
feelings, and only then with thoughts. So is my
art. The spectator first feels it, then has time to
think about it.


I fight with my art against many of
the wrong values in our society resulting from
materialism, consumerism, capitalism.

Modern man strives for power, but it is false
power. Our main purpose has become earthly
Perfection can only be pursued by a man who
knows and comes into contact with his spiritual
dimension. Spirituality is union with God (cosmos)
, and it manifests in a feeling of love that is not
directly related to anything earthly and that
continues to exist even when the earthly is
destroyed. My touch with the spiritual dimension
began with the Awakening of Conciousness cycle.
In that cycle, I address the issues of the
individual within the collective consciousness.
During that process, I also find out what my life
earthly purpose is, which I have been striving for
all my life. My truth is God. For the first time, I feel
all divine in and around myself and transfer my
knowledge to the canvases through the two
cycles of Awakening Consciousness and Endless
Poetry of Movement. I get to know Eastern
culture, religion and philosophy more and more,
every day I see salvation and answers in it, not
only for myself, but for others. Modern man does
not know how to be happy and is never satisfied.

through my work I
emphasize the value of individual progress, which
I consider the most important step for making the
society better. I call my work my spiritual