My art is my guide in my search for the meaning  

of life and the truth that drives me along this path.
I look at life through art, and art through life. I
create intuitively, often without any preconceived
plan. Love, fear, spirituality, empathy are the basic drivers of
my creative process.  I express myself daily, and my
work is always the result of my  instrospection, which
takes place on both conscious and subconscious
levels.  My artistic influences go from Bosch to Piccaso, 

 from Kandinsky to Ivan Generalic. I let my self explore the world  

Of the unknown in my quest for the answers. Those answers are later conveyed 

Into shapes and colors on my canvas, giving them materialization and meaning. 

Intelectually, my thought and my artistic process are influenced  by Nietche and Jung.