“55 Artists to Watch: 2024 Edition”

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! To start with; the most beautiful news of the entire year! I am thrilled to announce that the prestigious Florence Contemporary Gallery from the vibrant heart of Florence has recognized me as one of the 55 most influential young artists to watch in 2024. This recognition is not just a milestone in my career; it stands as a strong affirmation of my journey, one fueled by unwavering passion and dedication, immense effort, hard work, and sacrifice. Link to Florence Contemporary Gallery’s website:

“Dear Rikardo, We are excited to announce that you have been selected to participate in our upcoming publication “55 Artists to Watch: 2024 Edition”. Our dedicated curatorial team has spent the past 11 months carefully selecting artists from around the world who we believe have a unique vision and talent, and we are confident that you will be an influential and investable artist in the contemporary art market. This lengthy process of selecting and monitoring artists has led to the final shortlist, in which we are delighted to include you.”

A few words about my artistic journey in 2023: It was a period marked by fewer projects than usual, yet it stands out as the most developed and mature phase of my artistry. The pinnacle? The birth of ‘XANTE’ – my most significant painting cycle to date. Xante represents a fusion of my interests. It is a futuristic planet through which I explore the future through the lens of the past.

The painting you see, “Synthetic Nirvana: Mysteries of the Cybernetic Ascetic,” is part of the XANTE 2502 narrative. It is, in my opinion, and according to many others who have seen this work, my best to date. I am grateful for all the kind comments, as well as for the opportunity to create these works. I feel proud!

Looking forward to 2024: For the next year, I am preparing for 2 international solo exhibitions on two different continents. Additionally, I am gearing up for what promises to be my biggest project yet, details of which I will begin unveiling in January.

Your unwavering support and belief in my art have always been, alongside the strength of my will, the greatest wind in my sails. Thank you for your continued support.

I wish you a happy and successful 2024 with the hope that together, as humanity, we will find a way out of the collective darkness in which we currently find ourselves.

I need not emphasize, but I will still say – Help those who are in need. That is the best New Year’s gift you can give to someone.


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