Dear friends, today I have the great pleasure of inviting you to the Town Hall on October 21 for the opening of the exhibition “Two Artists – One Love”.
In a little less than three weeks, Hanna Dujmović and I will exhibit our paintings in the most beautiful space, the symbol of our city, the Sarajevo City Hall.
Just as the title of the exhibition says, Hanna and I were united by our love of painting. The idea for the exhibition was born from that love. Hanna is my younger colleague, who most of you have already heard of. She is a talented, diligent and forward-thinking artist. Hanna is a real lady and Sarajevo can be lucky to have her.
I am happy that we have the opportunity to hold a joint exhibition.
Our pictures, although different at first glance, speak the same language. They are a figment of our imagination; playful and fairy-tale. Intense in their color.
In addition to our love for painting, we are also united by the music we listen to, the movies we watch, the temperament, character and passion with which we create.
Hanna validates my ideas with her existence. Above all, she showed the potential of discipline in Sarajevo with her efforts and commitment in just two years. Her pictures are found all over the world. Hanna lives art every day and her example is one that gives hope to this city.
Our common desire is to create an authentic exhibition that will interact with you (the audience) and make you feel special.
The opening of our exhibition is scheduled for 8:00 p.m., admission to the opening night is free.
We hope to see you in large numbers.
You are all welcome.
See you.
P.S. poster design: Dino Aganovic (Submarine Agency