I waited a couple of nights so that the emotions would calm down, and I would have a clearer picture of what happened in the Town Hall.
It’s true that I intuitively felt that something big was about to happen, but I wasn’t hoping for this.
Here, three days later, it’s not easy for me. How to put into words the importance of the most important and most beautiful night in my life? I often think of myself as lonely. I can and I like to be alone the most. It gives me the greatest sense of freedom. My inner world is much more interesting and important to me than the outer world. I often get carried away in that feeling. Nevertheless, Friday showed me that people also play a big role in my life. It is precisely because of this that I have a great need to thank you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who was in the City Hall and to everyone who has been my continuous support throughout all these years. The feeling of pride that entered my being when I saw how many of you came to see my Hana’s works also illuminated my skeptical, pessimistic, often paranoid being. As the employees say: “The town hall was not fuller than the opening”. That’s huge! My hope for a better tomorrow for this city has returned. I have received substantial confirmation that the path I am on is correct. Furthermore, the amount of beautiful words I have received for the art I create is something that will keep me happy and pushing me for months to come. A lot of people congratulated me for my speech. It gives me the right to think that I am not alone in my value system. We must fight together against malignant social deviations. In conclusion, I can say that Hana and I will continue to ride the wave of this energy. We still have plans for this exhibition, and we will keep you informed about everything in the future.