Floor Mural

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In 2013, my work was exhibited in the famous Times Square in New York. I believe that was the beginning of my decision to continue exhibiting my art in the most unusual places. Since then I have exhibited my works: painting a car, presenting my works on the big screen of the SCC in the form of a digital exhibition, painting a sailboat that stands proudly in the History Museum, as well as designing an artwork for an Ayoke can. All these projects marked the year in which they were created. I can proudly say that I was the first in my city and state to do many of the listed things. The project I’m posting about today is the one in collaboration with @ministryofprogramming. This floor mural, which covers almost 900m2, is the first mural of its kind in Sarajevo, but also in our country. I have long wanted to transfer my work to this form. Special thanks to my talented and endlessly wonderful for painting the mural:
@emirmusic99 special thanks @menkovich.z for the beautiful photos


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