I have been doing art for almost 15 years. My artistic style and interests were changing manically. I was exploring my own limits, entering unknown spaces, although I always knew that I wanted to create works like this. The embodiment of my fantasies. Works that are the product of my imagination, my darkness and subconscious. This was not possible before. I did not have the ability to articulate my ideas. That’s why I’m especially happy about this new phase I’m entering. I have overcome, at least in painting, my biggest flaw, impatience. In this regard, the trajectory of my constant technical progress is clear. Most works of art today are created very quickly. It is impossible to separate artists from the context of the time and space in which they create. This work was almost two months in the making. For those two months, this work received my ultimate attention. I thought about every single detail. I’m not sure how well it can be seen on small screens, but it certainly can be done live. In each of these long processes, I left a piece of my soul.
The complexity of these works and the well-organized chaos is the best description of my mind and the way I see the world. In this way, my creativity represents a counter-aspiration to the speed of time in which we live. A time for which perhaps the best metaphor is “Tik-Tok”. Human attention is reduced to a minimum. My work cannot be consumed like that. And what is even more important: Life cannot be consumed like that. To understand life’s all-encompassing complexity, one must be present and focused. He must learn to pay attention to details, as well as learn to read and notice repeating patterns, and draw conclusions and messages from them. He must understand the importance of the inner (from which everything starts) and the outer world. Life has to be dealt with. You can’t just live. This same process is also needed to understand one of my works.
Through this cycle, “Embodiment of the invisible”, about which I have not written much, I am dealing with my inner world, and all this through symbols, mythology and my grotesque beings. When asked by Igor Vuček, an art historian, about the meaning of the grotesque in his works, I answered myself: INCLUSION. This is a new dimension of this cycle, which I talked about in the text below this one. I would divide inclusion into internal and external. On the one hand, these grotesque characters invite you to meet and embrace your dark side. Every man is mortal and sinful. We are all jealous, vain, selfish or lazy at times. . You should not be ashamed of that. It is in our human nature. A person who does not know and accept his darkness will never become a complete being. On the other hand, through the freedom that the artistic narrative gives me, I want to combine polarities in my works; east and west, old and new, beautiful and ugly, small and large. In my world, everyone has the opportunity to live together. One of the big problems of the time we live in is the lack of respect for differences. Technologies, and especially social networks, have shown all the tribal origins of man. We live in a time of greatest polarities. My desire is to show through my art the importance of understanding and paying attention to the ideas, passions and emotions of other people, no matter how different they are from us. Apart from God, there is no There is no one universal truth. These truths change with experience, character and temperament. If we want our being to receive understanding, respect and validation, then we have to give it too. I think art should be used as a universal medium through which people come together. It should be a free space in which conflicting ideas and attitudes circulate freely. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.
In closing, I can only say that I am very pleased to publish this paper with you tonight. I look forward to hearing your opinion as well. Cheers!