“Samo se srcem jasno vidi“

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Moje, do sada životno djelo, mural oslikan u centru Brisela, “Samo se srcem jasno vidi”, proglašen jednim od 5 najboljih, po izboru:
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Street Art in Brussels:
The Best Murals
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Rachele Pretto
19 October 2020
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Brussels is a cosmopolitan and international city, where art can be found in the most unexpected places. With all its colorful murals, graffiti and frescos, Brussels is basically an open-air art gallery. The artworks cover walls, façades, shop fronts, lamp posts and benches all around the city. They are painted using different techniques and are centered on different themes. As there are hundreds of beautiful artworks, it is basically impossible to list all of them. Here we have listed for you our top 5 murals in the Capital of Europe.
5. “It is Only With Heart One Can See Clearly”
This colorful mural is focused on the main theme of reconciliation, but it also conceals other deep meanings, represented by the colors and the drawings. Blue symbolizes peace, honor and trust. Red represents love, desire and courage. White symbolizes purity and peace. The flower represents life and hope, the hearts represent the way towards reconciliation, and people holding hands are the personification of reconciliation.123101589_10158660445726203_5183157940336823126_o


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